Teaser H-720A Collection

720A Options

H-720A Commercial door Glazing: Clear

     Clear Glass (Standard) / Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate

H-720A Commercial door Glazing: Brown Tinted

     Brown Tinted Glass

H-720A Commercial door Glazing: Smoked

     Smoked Glass

H-720A Commercial door Glazing: Tundra

     Tundra Glass

H-720A Commercial door Glazing: Molded Multi-Tubing

     Molded Multi-Tubing Pane

All glass options are tempered.  More glazing options are available. Please contact Hörmann Customer Service for more information.

H-720A Commercial door Panel: Smooth Anodized

     Smooth Anodized 
Insulated or non-insulated available

H-720A Commercial door Panel: Stucco Anodized

     Stucco Anodized

H-720A Commercial door Panel: Expanded Mesh

     Expanded Mesh

H-720A Commercial door Panel: Painted

     Painted (Galaxy Paint System)
     Smooth or stucco panels only

H-720A Commercial door Panel: Perforated


Beauty with choices
Hörmann 720A offers a wide array of aluminum sheet options to enhance the aesthetics of your building. Choose from various textures, perforations and colors. Together with extended choices in glazing options you can achieve your ideal design or perfectly match your corporate identity.

H-720A Color: Clear Anodized

   Clear Anodized (Standard)

H-720A Color: Dark Bronze

   Dark Bronze*

H-720A Color: White


H-720A Color: Black


*Just a few of unlimited color options available using Hörmann’s Galaxy Paint System

H-720A Galaxy Paint System

Galaxy Paint System

Hörmann’s exclusive Galaxy Paint System is available to further customize your new 720A door with 28 semi-custom colors or unlimited color matching capabilities.

With the Galaxy Paint System, you will not only be confident that you have purchased the highest quality and safest commercial door for your building but one that will match the color of its exterior with a factory finish that will last.

Check out our Galaxy Paint System