Teaser H-720A Collection

720A Construction

Unsurpassed Reliability and Safety from the Industry Innovator
Each component is designed and manufactured with the highest craftsmanship using only top quality materials. 

H-720A high quality components
H-720A Component: Aluminum Retainer Strip

 Aluminum Retainer Strip

H-720A Component: Glazing Seals

 Glazing Seals

H-720A Component: Filler Panel Seal

 Filler Panel Seal

H-720A Component: Glazing Spacer

 HDPE Glazing Spacer

H-720A Component: In-between Section Seal

 In-between Section Seal


Series 720A
Section Thickness 1¾ in.
Texture Smooth
Available Color
Anodized Aluminum Standard
Galaxy Paint System Optional
Window Arrangements
Door Width Maximum No. of Windows
Up to 9'2" 2
9'3" to 12'2" 3
12'3 to 16'2" 4
16'3" to 19'2" 5
19'3" to 20'2" 6
Alternate Arrangements Optional (Consult Factory)
Sections 10 Years
Hardware 1 Year
Springs 1 Year