Teaser 450U Collection

440U/450U Options

H 225P H-224P Window Design: 24"x 6"

Window 24" X 6"

H 225P H-224P Window Design: 24"x 12"

Window 24" X12"

Insulated glass is standard on all doors.

Note: All window sizes listed designate entire window fixture including the frame.

H-425U Aluminum Full View Windows

Aluminum Full View Windows
Clear anodized aluminum frame with clear single pane tempered glass is standard.  The number of windows available depends on door width. Each section is equipped with pre-punched painted end caps, aluminum glass retainers, and the same between section seal as the steel sections.

H-225P/H-224P Surface Finish Options: Stucco


Regardless of the color you choose, all of our surface finishes provide a durable baked-on polyester finish coat offering a long-lasting, attractive appeal.

H-255P H-254P Color: White


Commercial Color: Sandstone


Commercial Color: Brown


Commercial Color: Metallic Silver

Metallic Silver (Optional)

Color: Galaxy Paint System

Galaxy Paint System (Optional)