Teaser 450U Collection

440U/450U Options

H 225P H-224P Window Design: 24"x 6"

Window 24" X 6"

H 225P H-224P Window Design: 24"x 12"

Window 24" X12"

Insulated glass is standard on all doors.

Note: All window sizes listed designate entire window fixture including the frame.

H-225P/H-224P Surface Finish Options: Stucco


Regardless of the color you choose, all of our surface finishes provide a durable baked-on polyester finish coat offering a long-lasting, attractive appeal.

H-255P H-254P Color: White


H-255P H-254P Color: Metallic Silver

Metallic Silver (optional)

H-255P H-254P Color: Sandstone