Teaser H-325S/H-324S Options

325S/324S Options

H-325S/H-324S Commercial door front: Microgroove


H-325S/H-324S Commercial door front: Flush


H-325S/H-324S Commercial door front: Raised Panel

Short Raised Panel

H-325S/H-324S Window Design: 24"x 6"

Window 24" X 6"

H-325S/H-324S Window Design: 24"x 12"

Window 24" X12"

Single pane is standard for non-insulated doors. Insulated glass is standard for sandwich doors. The number of windows available per section depends on the door width.

Opti-View Windows

H-325S/H-324S Opti-View Windows require maximum light and visibility for commercial applications

Hörmann Opti-View is the optimum choice for commercial applications where maximum light and visibility is required. The Opti-View window design offers the similar features as other full view window designs.

Clear single pane tempered glass is standard for both insulated and non-insulated doors. The number of windows available per section depends on the door width.

H-325S/H-324S Surface Finish Options: Stucco

Stucco (Microgroove)

H-225P/H-224P Surface Finish Options: Woodgrain

Woodgrain (Flush & Short Raised Panel)

Regardless of the color you choose, all of our surface finishes provide a durable baked-on polyester finish coat offering a long-lasting, attractive appeal.

H-325S/H-324S Color: White


H-325S/H-324S Color: Sandstone


H-425U Galaxy Paint System Option

H-325S/H-324S Color: Brown


225P Color: Industrial Grey

Industrial Grey (325S only)

Galaxy Paint System
Hörmann’s exclusive Galaxy Paint System is available to further customize your new 325S/324s door with 28 semi-custom colors or unlimited color matching capabilities.

With Hörmann Galaxy Paint System, you will not only be confident that you have purchased the highest quality and safest commercial door for your building but one that will match the color of its exterior with a factory finish that will last.

Check out our Galaxy Paint System