Teaser SilentDrive® Garage Door Opener Features

SilentDrive® Features


Silent Drive 5500 series door opener Silent Drive 7500 series door opener Silent Drive 8500 series door opener
Super Quiet Operation Yes Yes Yes
Safety Beam System Yes Yes Yes
Dual Light Bulb & Time Delay Off Yes Yes Yes
Standard Opening Speed Yes Accelerated Accelerated
Accelerated Opening Speed N/A Yes Yes
4-button Mini Transmitter Yes Yes Yes
3-button Wall Control Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Belt Tensioning Device Yes Yes Yes
Door Heights Up to 10' high Up to 10' high Up to 12' high
Lighted Wireless Keypad Optional Optional Optional
EngageLock™ Security Feature Yes Yes Yes
Homelink® Compatible Yes Yes Yes
Meets Current & Future UL 325 Requirements Yes Yes Yes
Limited Lifetime Warranty Yes Yes Yes

Hörmann Exclusive

Beltension Guard™ belt tension

Beltension Guard™
This built-in feature automatically maintains proper belt tension for the life of the opener to ensure quiet and trouble free operation while eliminating costly and inconvenient service requirements.

EngageLock™ engage lock

Always feel safe with the unique EngageLock™ system.This integral feature eliminates door back drive action in the event of a power loss.