Teaser SilentDrive® Garage Door Opener Accessories

SilentDrive® Accessories

Standard Accessories

 All of our SilentDrive® openers include these accessories as standard

Reliable safeguard

Reliable safeguard
The safety beams safeguard the bottom of the door with sensors which stop and reverse the door if an object breaks the path of the beams, to prevent damage from people and property.

Intelligent motion guard

Intelligent motion guard
On encountering an obstruction, the opener stops and reverses the door immediately to eliminate possible hazards. The opener is self-testing and also self- adjusting, eliminating the need for maintenance.

Deluxe Wall Console Station

Deluxe Wall Console Station
Operates the door from inside your garage door and independently operates opener lights. A separate on/off switch for "vacation mode" allows you to disable the garage door opener for extended periods of time.

Mini transmitter: radio remote control to automatically open garage doors

Mini transmitter
The convenient size transmitter allows you to control up to four separate doors.

Optional Accessories

Add convenience in opening your garage door

Single button control: used when control for a single door is required

Single button control
Used as an additional device when control for a single door is required.

Wireless keypad with your own programmable personal security code

Wireless keypad
Lighted and covered keypad allows for easy remote access to your garage without wiring, with your own programmable personal security code.