Teaser SilentDrive® Garage Door Opener

SilentDrive® Opener

The Perfect Match

Hörmann SilentDrive® garage door openers are the perfect companion to your garage door. All SilentDrive® openers are built with a DC motor and a composite aramid fiber reinforced belt drive system that provide a very quiet operation, dramatically enhancing your total quality experience. The adjustable "soft" start and "soft" stop feature allows minimum wear on the door and opener, ensuring a quiet-running door at every stage of opening and closing. With a SilentDrive® opener you’ll benefit not only from the safety features compliant with UL 325 requirements but from the unique Hörmann Beltension Guard™ and the EngageLock™.

No matter which SilentDrive® opener suits your needs, you will never compromise on quality.

Label Limited Lifetime Warranty

Label Hormann SilentDrive® Opener