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About Hörmann Doors

Door Installation

YES. Hörmann doors come complete with the track, spring(s) and hardware needed to install your Hörmann door. In addition, you will need a rear hanging kit, which is several pieces of punched angle that is used to support the back end of the horizontal track which is an optional extra. You may use old hangers for a reinstall if they are in good condition. To seal out the elements you will need a vinyl jamb weather seal. Also, a low headroom kit may be needed for your installation to achieve proper clearance. These items are all optional extras and can be ordered from your Hörmann dealer.

YES. Hörmann offers a certified windload door packages and Extreme Package Upgrade to comply with local building codes. Hörmann has a specially engineered line of doors to withstand winds up to 150 mph. If you live in an area where building codes have specific windload requirements, your Hörmann dealer can inform you of which package you need for your specific requirements.

NO. Your new Hörmann door has been specifically engineered with track, spring(s) and hardware to provide long-lasting, trouble-free performance. The old set may be worn and have metal fatigue which can be a safety concern. Also, the hardware may not line up with the new sections.

Hörmann offers both, extension springs and torsion springs. Your Hörmann dealer can recommend which springs would be best for your needs.

Replacing your garage door is like working on your car, therefore, some mechanical expertise is necessary. Carefully study the parts and installation instructions before you remove your old door. Garage doors because of their size can be heavy and a helper should be recruited before you start. Allow yourself a day to complete the job which will include hauling away the old door. 

YES. Insulation kits are available for Hörmann residential Gemini 2100/2200 series and commercial H-225P/H-224P series. These easy to install polystyrene insulation with back cover kits are available through your Hörmann dealer.

Door Maintenance

Usually, YES. Although, Hörmann has various colors to choose from in the steel door series which comes with a high quality two-coat finish paint system inside and out; the door(s) can still be painted. The door should be painted with a high quality exterior latex paint. The surface must be cleaned prior to painting to ensure paint adhesion. Hörmann doors do not require a prime coat unless the steel has been damaged into the galvanizing. Hörmann does not recommend painting the high density polyethylene door, Sirius 6200 and H-600V. For further information consult the installation instructions supplied with the door.

You can order all parts for your door from your Hörmann dealer. Any door part not in stock can be ordered for you. Please contact your local Hörmann dealer for assistance.

YES. As long as Hörmann manufactures the series you purchased, replacement sections are available. Important… sections may change color over time due to exposure to the elements and replacement sections may not match.

YES. Hörmann recommends that you follow the maintenance procedures recommended with the installation instructions that came with your door. If you do not have the maintenance instructions that come with the door, then follow the (DASMA) Door & Access Systems Manufacturer Association's Automatic Garage Door Opener and Garage Door Safety & Maintenance Guide by going to www.dasma.com.

Door Openers

Generally a 1/3 horsepower opener can sufficiently operate most garage doors, however double wide doors may require a 1/2 horsepower unit. Garage door openers do not eliminate the need for garage door springs. Click on the Products button to view Hörmann's selection of SilentDrive™ openers.

YES. Hörmann recommends that you check with your opener manufacturer to insure compliance with today's laws regarding safety features. Upon verification that your opener meets all current government requirements, most openers can be reattached to a Hörmann door. Review the installation instructions supplied to you with the door and opener.

How to Reset and Retrain Hörmann SilentDrive® Garage Door Opener.

Step-by-step guide to program HSM4 Mini-Transmitter to SilentDrive® Garage Door Opener

Step-by-step guide to program FCT3B Wireless Keypad to SilentDrive® Garage Door Opener

Step-by-step guide to change PIN number on FCT3B Wireless Keypad

Step-by-step guide to restore FCT3B Wireless Keypad to factory settings

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