Long Island NY Garage Doors - Residential and Commercial

For residential and commercial property owners in Commack or the surrounding areas such as Long Island, garage doors and commercial doors are a vital part of a structure that can be both functional and stylish. Instead of choosing a purely utilitarian door for your residential or commercial building, choose one that looks good, works well, and adds value to your property.

Residential Garage Doors

For your Commack, NY residential garage door needs, Hörmann has a wide variety of styles designed to match any aesthetic. As a leading manufacturer of garage doors, Hörmann provides a high degree of quality, ensuring that your residential garage door will work well, that it will be safe for your home and your family, and that it will add energy efficiency and convenience to your home in and around Long Island.

Hörmann residential garage doors go beyond the basics. These high-quality doors range in style from traditional carriage house styled, to modern, sleek looks. Whether you want a residential garage door that perfectly matches your home’s exterior, or one that adds visual interest thanks to its contrast, Hörmann has something that will suit your building.

Beyond good looks, Hörmann residential garage doors are popular with Commack and Long Island NY residents for their strong construction and safety features. These doors are constructed with two layers of steel for strength and durability. Insulated doors feature a polystyrene or polyurethane core that keeps your garage at a comfortable temperature, as well as reducing energy costs. These doors also enable smooth, quiet operation. Carefully constructed hinges ensure that all of our products remain safe and easy to use for their service life. Pinch resistant construction keeps fingers of all sizes safe. Section and side seals ensure that your garage is safe from anything outdoors. Put it all together and you can see why Hörmann is such a popular choice for residential garage doors.

Wanting to select the color of your door? No problem. The Hörmann Galaxy Paint System lets homeowners in the greater Long Island area to custom match their residential and commercial doors to any shade, whether it is part of the existing exterior, or a contrasting color for a modern style. Whatever you choose, it is designed to stay vibrant and easily cleanable for a long time to come, with a top coat sprayed over the pre-painted steel to avoid blistering, fading, and other problems you might encounter with a lower quality paint system.

You can add on to the functionality of your Hörmann residential garage door with a SilentDrive® opener, which will make opening and closing your door practically sound-free.

By customizing the exterior of your Commack or Long Island NY residence with a Hörmann garage door, built to your specifications, you will ensure that your property looks just how you have envisioned, while keeping your garage comfortable, secure, and safe.

Commercial Garage Doors for Commack, Long Island and Surrounding Areas

When you invest in a Hörmann commercial doors for your Commack or Long Island NY business, you are investing in long-lasting quality. Much like our residential garage door options, Hörmann commercial doors are built to last for a long time. We understand the rigors of a commercial environment.

We support Commack and Long Island NY businesses with commercial doors built in a wide variety of styles and designs, all of which are durable and reliable. Just because you are operating a business around Long Island, does not mean you need to settle for a basic door. 

Our commercial doors come in white, sandstone, brown and gray, to give business owners options for what would look best with their space. Choose something that blends in with the rest of the exterior for a seamless look, or select a contrasting color for a different style. The choice is yours.

Is your commercial door a non-standard size? This is not a problem when you choose a Hörmann door. We are able to provide many commercial doors in non-stock sizes; just get in touch with a local dealer to find out what your options are.

Beyond style, Hörmann commercial doors are made to be safe for all work environments.

All of our commercial doors are built to the highest quality standards with FingerGuard pinch-resistant section joints as a standard feature to reduce the risk of injuries leading to downtime and worker’s compensation claims. Optional full cavity HCFC-free polystyrene insulation with a vinyl back cover provides both energy efficiency, and noise dampening for a quieter work environment. Our carefully chosen heavy-duty material acts as a gasket between section seams adding to insulation for comfort and sound proofing.

The Hörmann H-720A is our commercial door built for those who want visibility, created with anodized aluminum glazing frames that can be fitted as you choose. This door provides a view to outside, and natural light, while keeping your workplace safe and comfortable with the same high-quality pinch-resistant joints and weather sealing.

With style, function, and a strong focus on safety and durability, Hörmann commercial doors are sure to add a special touch to business buildings of all types.

Finding Our Products

The Native Americans named this place Winnecomac, which means ‘pleasant lands.’ This suburbanized area is home to the oldest Methodist Church building in New York, which was built in 1789 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

We are proud to serve the Commack area, as well as the rest of the Long Island area, and help keep up the reputation of this region as a ‘pleasant land’ in modern times.

If a stylish Hörmann commercial door or residential garage door sounds like a good fit for your building, and you are located in or near Commack, NY, it is easy to find our products.

To locate a dealer of Hörmann products, click on the ‘Dealer Locator’ button and input your information. Or, you can contact us directly at (877) 654-6762 or by emailing info@Hörmann.us, to get more information about where your closest dealer is located.

We will gladly deliver our doors to your home or business in the Commack and Long Island, NY area. All of our Hörmann doors come ready to install, complete with the track, spring(s) and hardware. Optional extras such as a low headroom kit, vinyl jamb weather seal, or rear hanging kit can be purchased from your local dealer when you order your door.

We are proud and pleased to offer our clients the utmost in customer service, so if you have any other questions about how a Hörmann door can suit your needs at home or at work in greater Long Island, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.