Grand Rapids MI Residential and Commercial Garage Doors

If you are a residential and commercial property owner in Grand Rapids MI or the surrounding areas such as Kalamazoo, garage doors and commercial doors are an essential part of a structure that can be both functional and stylish.  Instead of selecting a purely practical door for your residential or commercial property, select one that looks good, works well, and that will add value to your property for years to come.

Residential Garage Doors

Residential Garage Doors

Are you currently looking for a new garage door for your home or a new commercial door for your business?  Have you been trying to repair or maintain your Grand Rapids, MI residential garage doors but had difficult time in finding the right vendor?  If so, there is excellent news.  At Hörmann, we offer quality doors for Grand Rapids and its metropolitan area.

You might be thinking that it is just a door, and what would spending the money on a new one really do for me. We are here to tell you, there are some very good reasons for changing out your old garage doors. Top on your list should be the security that a new Grand Rapids MI residential garage door will give you. New garage doors offer the very latest in safety features. If you have small children or want to protect your vintage car the right way, a new garage door will give you the peace of mind you have been looking for.
Just imagine what a new Hörmann Burgettstown residential garage door will do for your home. Because most garages are attached to homes these days, you will not only want the extra layer of security, but also you want a garage door that will really enhance the look of your home.  Just one simple improvement like this can make a world of difference.  Hörmann doors come in a great variety of styles and colors, one of which is just perfect for you.

When you make the investment in a Hörmann garage door in Grand Rapids MI you are on your way to greatly increasing the value of your home in an easy way. That is because Hörmann doors are German-engineered and American-made. With their wide range of quality residential garage doors, the functionality and curb appeal are built right into any Hörmann door you purchase. Hörmann residential garage doors, in Grand Rapids MI area is one of the world's largest manufacturers of doors. Our commitment to you has never changed; it has always been to have the best quality, value, safety and selection of any garage doors anywhere.

With a Hörmann garage door, you will have your pick of the best styles that easily fit your budget. We offer you steel, aluminum, wood or high-density polyethylene garage doors.  There is the perfect style just waiting for you, in either a contemporary or a traditional design. That is because at Hörmann, we are always pushing the boundaries just a little further; all to give you the best quality and highest value you will find anywhere in Grand Rapids and the surrounding cities.

At Hörmann, we offer residential garage doors in Polaris, Aries, Solaris, Phoenix, Tucana, Taurus, Orion, Gemini and SilentDrive® Openers.  We also offer special finishing options such as Galaxy Paint System TimberLast™ woodtone finish.  When it comes to finding a complete door for your needs in aesthetics, safety and reliability, Hörmann residential doors are second to none.

Commercial Garage Doors for Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Surrounding Areas

If you are building a new facility, in or around Grand Rapids, or updating your current one, consider installing new and improved, commercial grade doors. They will offer you many advantages and increase your property value.

Hörmann doors are made using only premium grade steel and aluminum and are energy efficient. This is an outstanding advantage over other brands. Commercial facilities all over the world are updating their building to become more environmentally friendly not only to help the world we live in but also to cut costs.

All of our commercial doors are designed with FingerGuard™ pinch-resistant section joints that will prevent anyone’s fingers from getting stuck between the door sections. This creates safer work environments and reduces the risk of injuries that could result in workers’ compensation claims.

What makes Hörmann the preferred choice of commercial facilities is that we have expanded to make it easier than ever to order new doors and have them delivered straight to your location anywhere around Grand Rapids area.  We have streamlined our manufacturing and logistic process, making it very easy for us to deliver doors that will meet the specifications of any order.  All of our commercial doors come ready to install and can also be painted later on.

In modern looking establishments, we recommend the H-720A series that maximizes visibility and natural light. It also adds an extra splash of style with its anodized aluminum framing that can be manufactured with a wide range of glazing or panel fillers to achieve a truly customized look.

For unmatched durability and energy efficiency, check out our H-425U series that has a 1¾ thick two-sided steel construction, and a 100% CFC-free polyurethane foam injected core insulation that will maximize protection against nature and other elements with R-value or 16.1.

If you are looking for the best mix of quality and price, our budget-friendly options H-225P and H-224P will not disappoint. Both series are made with your choice of 25 gauge or 24 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel. They come with FingerGuard™ pinch resistant section joints. An optional full cavity HCFC-free polystyrene insulation with a vinyl back cover can be added for enhanced energy efficiency.

All of our Grand Rapids MI commercial doors come with a 10-year limited warranty so you can have peace of mind that if something goes wrong with your new door, we will take care of it and make it right

Local Door Delivery

Hörmann has expanded and grown into a global brand that our customers trust.  Our founder, August Hörmann said “A good name must be earned”.   We continue to earn our good name through our reputation with our satisfied customers.  Constant innovations, quality assurance and close proximity to customers are the keys to the company’s permanent growth and lasting success. 

Hörmann has been manufacturing residential and commercial doors for Grand Rapids MI residents and business owners for decades. We take great pride in offering exceptional customer service.

Our expertise and streamlined process make it quick and easy for customers to place their orders and have their doors delivered, ready to be installed. Our team of experts can help take old and beat up Grand Rapids MI residential or commercial doors and transform them so that your building looks new and refreshed. New doors not only add instant resale value to your home or business, but they often give properties much-needed makeovers. You will be amazed at how much of a difference it can make when you switch out your old doors for something new and improved. 

Whatever type of door you need, we can handle a project of any size. Hörmann has the capabilities to manufacture Grand Rapids MI commercial doors for any size home or facility. Your Hörmann doors will be durable, long lasting and energy saving.