Aurora IL Residential and Commercial Garage Doors


For residential and commercial property owners in Aurora, IL or the surrounding areas such as Naperville, garage doors and commercial doors are an important part of a structure that can be both functional and stylish. Instead of choosing a purely utilitarian door for your residential or commercial building, pick a door that looks good, works well, and adds value to your property. Make a statement and stand out from the other homes or businesses in your area.

Residential Garage Doors

Residential Garage Doors

If you are in the Aurora IL area and have not made any updates or renovations to your property in a while, one of the first things you might want to consider replacing is your old, rusty garage door that has been giving you trouble. Installing new garage doors can add instant retail value to your home. In fact, there are many advantages to replacing your old beat down garage door.

New garage doors can give your home a fresh and updated look that can even be customized to your specifications. New garage doors will also make your home safer because we only use the most high-quality, durable and long-lasting materials to ensure that your garage door is impenetrable.

The residential garage doors that Hörmann manufactures for Montgomery, Aurora, and surrounding area homeowners are made using polystyrene or polyurethane insulation. This gives our customers garage doors that will help them save on energy bills and improve efficiency.

Adding custom touches to your home like a new garage door can be a quicker cosmetic fix than other home projects. Exchanging your old, beat up garage door for a new, beautifully-crafted, and unique design will give you a newfound pride in your home, and will catch the eye of all the residents in the Aurora and surrounding areas.

Whether you would like something traditional and classic or modern and sleek, we have a variety of garage door options for you to choose from. We can even create custom designs or tailor existing designs to make them as unique as your home. We use a variety of materials from wood to steel to aluminum. Our doors can be painted with any color you can imagine.

Our Aurora, IL residential garage door lines have many different style options to choose from. We are constantly expanding our product lines to include new and exciting trends.

The 7200 is our most modern choice which maximizes natural light in any garage and is constructed with anodized aluminum framing for clean and minimal lines.

Our Orion, with TimberLast™ Finish, will give you the highly sought after elegant look of stained wood with the durability of steel and it is essentially maintenance free.

For a more traditional and simple look, the 2100 & 2500 are the most economical choice and is available in 9 different colors so you can match it to any color scheme. Made with durable steel, it is the optimal choice for a smaller budget. You can even add in an optional polystyrene insulation with a vinyl back cover for extra energy savings.

Commercial Doors For Montgomery, Aurora, and Surrounding Areas

Commercial Garage Doors

If you are building a new facility, in or around Aurora, or updating your current one, consider installing new and improved, industrial grade doors. They will offer you many advantages and boost your curb appeal.
Hörmann doors are made using only top-of-the-line steel and aluminum and are energy efficient. This is a big advantage compared to other brands. Commercial facilities all over the world are updating their building to become more “green,” not only to help the environment but also to cut costs.

All of our commercial doors are designed with FingerGuard™ pinch-resistant section joints that will prevent anyone’s fingers from getting stuck between the door sections. This creates safer work environments and reduces the risk of injuries that could result in workers’ compensation claims.

What makes Hörmann the preferred choice of commercial facilities is that we have expanded to make it easier than ever to order new doors and have them delivered straight to your location in Montgomery, or anywhere around Aurora. We have streamlined our manufacturing process, making it very easy for us to create custom doors that will meet the specifications of any order. All of our commercial doors come ready to install and can also be painted later on.

For contemporary spaces, we recommend the 720A series that maximizes visibility and natural light. It also adds an extra splash of style with its anodized aluminum framing that can be manufactured with a wide range of glazing or panel fillers to achieve a truly customized look.

For unmatched durability and energy efficiency, check out the 425U series that has a 1¾ thick two-sided steel construction, and a 100% CFC-free polyurethane foam core insulation that will maximize protection against nature and other elements.

If you are looking for the best mix of quality and price, our budget-friendly options 225P and 224P will not disappoint. Both series are made with your choice of 25 gauge or 24 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel. They come with FingerGuard™ pinch resistant section joints. An optional full cavity HCFC-free polystyrene insulation with a vinyl back cover can be added for enhanced energy efficiency.

All of our Montgomery and Aurora IL commercial doors come with a 10-year limited warranty so you can have peace of mind that if something goes wrong with your new door, we will take care of it and make it right.

Local Door Delivery

Hörmann has established itself as the number one choice in door manufacture around the globe. Innovation, quality assurance, and convenience separate us from other manufacturers and give us an advantage over competitors.

Hörmann has been manufacturing residential garage doors and commercial doors for Montgomery and Aurora IL resident and business owners for decades and has built a reputation on providing outstanding quality and service.

We can help transform your residential garage doors from old and worn, to new and stylish. Not only will a new garage door instantly add resale value to your home but it will completely enhance the look of your property. It can make it a more comfortable, welcoming, and energy efficient place to live.

For commercial properties, there is no project too big or small for us to handle. We have the capabilities to manufacture Montgomery and Aurora IL commercial Residential and Commercial Doorsdoors for any size facility. We can give your facility an updated look while providing you with durable, long-lasting, and energy-saving options that will ultimately help you cut overhead costs.

Our expertise and streamlined process makes it quick and easy for you to place your order, and have your door or doors delivered, ready to be installed for your home or business in Montgomery, Aurora and the surrounding towns.

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