Teaser History


"A good name must be earned."

This was the philosophy August Hörmann, founder of the company, believed in when he started manufacturing steel doors in his metalworking shop back in the 1930s.

After the war, his son Hermann Hörmann re-established the business, giving the company a decisive impetus for growth in the 1950s by introducing a whole new door type: the one-piece garage door "Berry", called after it’s American inventor, and sold 8 million times across the globe ever since.

A further stepping stone for growth and success was the mass production of the sectional garage door beginning of the 1960s. Since then, the company has constantly grown and the product portfolio today covers a multitude of residential and commercial doors such as roller doors, folding doors, fire protection doors, high performance doors, openers and controls, loading dock equipment, man doors in interior and exterior applications as well as canopies and frames; many of which tailored to national requirements.

In 2002 Hörmann started its first sales company in the United States. Expanding the business further, today, Hörmann has manufacturing facilities and distribution centers across the United States, offering residential garage doors and openers as well as commercial sectional and high performance doors.

Hormann garage doors factory in the 1930's
Hormann Parking Garage for Families