Teaser TimberLast™ Finish Collection

TimberLast™ Finish

Elegant Look of Wood with Durability of Steel

The Hörmann TimberLast™ finish offers the durability of steel with the elegant look of natural wood.  Giving you the choice in selecting a non-insulated or insulated door, the virtually maintenance free TimberLast™ finish is available for both Gemini and Orion Collection. The range of options gives you choices to beautify your home while increasing your energy savings.

Gemini 2110 Site

Sections: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Hardware: 3 Years (2110)

Springs: 3 Years (2110)

Hörmann Special Features

FingerGuard­™ Pinch Resistant

FingerGuard™ Pinch Resistant
The FingerGuard™ section joint and hinges provide air-tight seal and prevent finger injuries inside and outside.

Ball Bearing Nylon Rollers

White 11 Ball Bearing Nylon Rollers
Hörmann nylon rollers feature 11 pre-lubed ball bearings encased in a high strength steel casing that provides a quiet ride and years of reliable service.

Custom-fit polystyrene foam insulation increases energy saving and adds strength and rigidity to the door.

Factory installed between section weather seals and side seals offer maximum protection against the outside elements while further enhancing the insulation properties of a door.

Adding Beauty to Your Home with a TimberLast™ Finish Residential Garage Door

Just like landscaping for your yard, residential garage doors can help with the initial curb appeal of your home. It is one of the first things that you or your visitors will see as they pull up. Adding custom touches to your garage door can make your home more inviting and welcoming as well as set you apart from your neighbors.

Having a unique residential garage door will make you feel proud of your home while increasing the value of it as well. Replacing a garage door is one of the top home improvement projects home owners can do to receive the biggest benefits when you are looking at cost versus value.

Over the years, residential garage doors have come a long way: manual roll-up to automatic garage door openers, single-layer steel to insulated multi-layers, and simple fronts to dramatic, visual designs. You may ask yourself – “Where’s the value in a new garage door”?

Below are five benefits of replacing your residential garage door:

  • Improves the value and appearance of your home
  • Improves the safety of your home
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Showcases your personal style
  • It will reduce maintenance time and cost

Choosing the Right Garage Door

Hörmann LLC, has a variety of residential garage doors to choose from. The TimberLast™ finish offers an elegant and finished look of natural wood, without compromising the strength and durability of steel. 

With the insulating polystyrene core, your energy savings will boost and your garage door will operate smoothly and quietly.

Features of the TimberLast™ Finish Collection

Our TimberLast™ finish residential garage doors come with our FingerGuard™ pinch resistant joints and hinges. This helps ensure that you and your family members are safe from the risk of having their fingers caught in the door.

To help provide years of quiet operation and reliability, our nylon rollers feature 11 pre-lubed ball bearings encased in a high strength steel casing.

To offer maximum protection from outside elements and to help with insulation, there are between section weather seals as well as side seals. The bottom weather seal will keep out wind, rain, debris and other elements.

Gemini 2110 Specifications

  • Steel Thickness: 25 gauge 
  • Section Thickness: 2”
  • R-Value: 7.4 (with optional insulation)

TimberLast™ Finish Collection Options

When you have decided to purchase an Orion with TimberLast™ finish residential garage doors, you will have the options to enhance your door with our selection of woodgrain textured steel panel designs. You can choose from Traditional, Country, Ranch, or Cottage. Color options are Golden Oak, Medium Oak, Walnut, or Rosewood. 

You can also choose a customized look to your door while letting natural light into your garage. We offer ten different window design options. Then you can choose which type of window panes you would like. Choose from Clear, Smoked, Tundra, Frosted, Feather etched, or Granite.