Teaser H-325S/H-324S Options

H-325S/H-324S Options

H-325S/H-324S Commercial door front: Microgroove


H-325S/H-324S Commercial door front: Raised Panel

Raised Panel

H-325S/H-324S Commercial door front: Flush


H-325S/H-324S Window Design: 24"x 6"

Window 24" X 6"

H-325S/H-324S Window Design: 24"x 12"

Window 24" X12"

H-325S/H-324S Window Design: 34"x 16"

Window 34" X16"

Single pane is standard for non-insulated doors. Insulated glass is standard for both vinyl back insulated and sandwich doors. The number of windows available per section depends on the door width.

Opti-View Windows

H-325S/H-324S Opti-View Windows require maximum light and visibility for commercial applications

Hörmann Opti-View is the optimum choice for commercial applications where maximum light and visibility is required. The Opti-View window design offers the similar features as other full view window designs.

Clear single pane tempered glass is standard for both insulated and non-insulated doors. The number of windows available per section depends on the door width.

H-325S/H-324S Surface Finish Options: Stucco

Stucco (Microgroove & Flush)

H-325S/H-324S Surface Finish Options: Woodgrain

Woodgrain (Raised Panel)

Regardless of the color you choose, all of our surface finishes provide a durable baked-on polyester finish coat offering a long-lasting, attractive appeal.

H-325S/H-324S Color: White


H-325S/H-324S Color: Brown


H-325S/H-324S Color: Sandstone


H-325S/H-324S Color: Industrial Grey

Industrial Grey*

*Not available for H-324S Series