Teaser H-255P/H-254P Collection


Choice and Quality

H-255P and H-254P doors come in two choices of steel thickness:
25 gauge (H-255P) or 24 gauge (H-254P), hot-dipped galvanized steel. No matter which door suits your needs best, all H-255P and H-254P doors are manufactured to the highest quality standards and come with precisely designed tongue and groove section joints as standard.

Label Limited 10 Year Warranty

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient vinyl back
The optional full cavity HCFC-free polystyrene insulation with vinyl back cover provides enhanced energy efficiency R value 7.4 and sound-dampening qualities. This improves overall energy savings while contributing to a quiet working environment.

Energy-efficient vinyl black insulation

Hörmann Special Features

Engineering Exellence construction

Engineering Excellence
Double end stile design adds to the door’s overall structural integrity and its long term performance.

Safety bottom fixtures for extra peace of mind

Hörmann H-255P and H-254P doors utilize safety fixtures on their bottom sections for added safety for your peace of mind.

Durability guaranteed by different layers

H-255P and H-254P door panels are prepared inside and out to offer maximum protection against the adverse effects of the elements to provide you with a long-lasting surface finish and reduced maintenance cost. First, hot dipped galvanizing is applied to the steel substrate, followed by a baked-on polyester base coat and a durable baked-on polyester finish coat.