Hormann employee at garage door manufacture line

Career Positions

We are pleased that you have chosen to review our current employment opportunities.

Hörmann, LLC corporate office located in Montgomery, Illinois is also the site of our production facility, which is a union shop.

The following is a list of the company’s current open positions:

Department: Engineering

Job Summary:

DBA/Developer is responsible for working on various projects related to product development, production system design, and production improvements.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Develop and Maintain Software Solutions: software programs in MS Access or other appropriate database systems are necessary to organize and optimize the work required to achieve production goals.  Custom built software programs are also needed for executing engineering related tasks such as the mass creation of materials, bills of materials, material characteristics, and door and window system configurations
  • Create and Maintain Critical Documents: documents include but are not limited to drawings and other technical documents related to project work, engineering policies and procedures, technical guidelines, engineering bills of materials, engineering cost analysis, and engineering action requests.
  • Maintain the SAP system up to date, this includes but is not limited to material master, bills of materials, material classifications and characteristics, door and window configurations, and productive system interface.
  • Maintain and implement changes to our online ordering system which uses object-oriented programming.
  • Evaluate Products and Implement Changes: Various product improvements will be investigated.  Such investigations may include the production of evaluation reports, changing engineering documents, changes to bills of material and issuance of engineering change notices.
  • Project Related Tasks: As an expert for our products a DBA/Developer may be given additional assignments which could require the utilization of any number of resources to achieve task objectives.  Such projects could require any number of skills or resources outside of the normal scope of the position; however, such assignments are to be expected and are not considered outside the scope of this position’s responsibilities.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Have obtained or actively in the process of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.  Masters or advanced level course work is a plus.
  • Have substantial experience with designing and developing software solutions using Visual Basic.
  • Have substantial experience and be able to demonstrate proficiency with the following software programs: MS Access, MS Word, MS Outlook, and MS Excel.
  • Have experience with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software package such as Oracle, JD Edwards, or SAP.  Hörmann LLC manages operations with SAP, therefore, experience with this package is preferred.
  • Have the ability to work on several projects simultaneously. 

Essential Mental Functions:

The nature of working in a manufacturing environment requires that a person exhibit a certain care in their activities.  Therefore, a DBA/Developer must:

  • Be detailed in the creation or review of engineering policies and technical documents.
  • Be detailed in writing programming logic for the creation of door and window system configurations.
  • Be detailed in his/her work taking special precautions with regards to safety and security.
  • Be open and honest with fellow staff members and the Vice President of Operations to ensure the quality of work performed while fostering an open, honest and ethical work environment. 

Essential Physical Functions:

Although DBA/Developer(s) are not expected to perform extraneous physical activities in the completion of their work, regular trips into areas of production will be necessary, therefore, DBA/Developer(s) must be physically able to safely maneuver in production areas.  

Equipment Used:

A DBA/Developer will be required to use a variety of precision measuring devices as well as various computer based software packages, mainly SAP, MS Excel, and MS Access. 

Additional Comments:

As an international corporation Hörmann LLC prizes diversity in all positions; therefore, candidates with second language ability especially in Spanish or German will be given additional consideration; however, fluency in English is required.