Teaser Sirius Options

Sirius Options

Panel Design Options

Enhance the beauty of your home with our selection of Rainslope™ woodgrain textured steel panel designs.

Sirius garage door front: Traditional


Sirius garage door front: Country


Window Design Options

Add Customized look to your home while letting the light in to your garage.

Short Panels

Sirius Short Window Design: Standard


Sirius Short Window Design: Cross


Sirius Short Window Design: Cathedral


Sirius Short Window Design: Cascade


Sirius Short Window Design: Sherwood


Sirius Short Window Design: Sunrise

Full Sunrise

Decorative Windows

Sirius Window Design: Diamond Glass

Diamond Glass

Sirius Window Design: Dynasty Glass

Dynasty Glass

Sirius Window Design: Dakota Zinc Acrylic

Dakota Zinc Acrylic

Sirius Window Design: Dakota Brass Acrylic

Dakota Brass Acrylic

Sirius Window Design: Sunburst Zinc Acrylic

Sunburst Zinc Acrylic

Sirius Window Design: Sunburst Brass Acrylic

Sunburst Brass Acrylic

Color Options

Choose the color which best suits your home.

Sirius Color: White


Sirius Color: Sandstone


Decorative Hardware Options

Additional hardware gives your garage door an individual look and adds overall curb appeal to your home.

Sirius Garage Door Opener: Spade - Stamped Steel

Spade - Stamped Steel

Sirius Garage Door Opener: Spear - Wrought Cast Iron

Spear - Wrought Cast Iron

Sirius Garage Door Opener: Elegant Handle

Elegant Handle