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Extreme Package Upgrade for Residential Doors
For the extra peace of mind without compromising safety and the flexibility of choices  

The new Extreme Package door upgrade is a perfect choice for any homeowner or builder who is seeking peace of mind from a durable and well built product with premium components without compromising safety and the flexibility of choices.

The new Extreme Package upgrades are available for Hörmann Gemini 2100/2200, Orion 3200 and Taurus 4200 series and includes all the features that you can only expect from Hörmann such as pinch-resistant section joints, factory installed between section weather & side seal and much more.

With the heavy duty hardware added to an already solidly built design, the new Extreme Package upgrade is windload certified to minimum 90 MPH. Each door size is now available with the certified drawing with drawing number and maximum design loads allowed.

Extreme Package Upgrade Features

Heavy Duty Hardware
The usage of heavier steel means the extra layer of protection. The door components such as hinges become mechanical plates rather than the moving parts for rugged use in harsh climates and the extremely windy and open areas.
Extra Jamb Brackets & Side Locks
In high wind areas, the jamb brackets and side locks included in the Extreme package minimize the damage caused by bending and deflection of the door mounting and secure your door against back action and reduces the risk of any damage to your opener or exposing your garage to the elements or intruders.
3 Inch Struts
In most cases, the Extreme package includes 3” struts of a heavier gauge galvanized steel to make your door a structural part of your home. The 3” struts provide extra strength and prevent gradual deformation of your door from those extreme conditions in rugged urban and rural areas.
25,000 Cycle Torsion Springs*
Whether you live in an extreme condition or have a busy garage, 25,000 cycle torsion springs offer you the extra long life you need in harsh environments or multiple daily openings and closings.

*Extreme package is also available with extension springs. 
 Extension springs are NOT covered in the Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Windload Certified
Extreme package upgrades are tested to withstand winds up to 90 miles per hour for those open areas where high gusting winds are a factor. 

To purchase and install a Hörmann windload certified door, customer assumes the responsibility to review and follow the pressure requirements established for the application as defined in the local building codes.
Limited Lifetime Warranty
The Extreme Package upgrade offers you the peace of mind by extending warranty on door sections, hardware and springs* as long as you own your home.

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